Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Driving in cars

A friend asked me this Formspring question ages ago, and I am finally catching up to her:

What is your favorite past-time? What past experiences do you have good memories from?

One aspect of myself I take a lot of pride in is my acceptance of "alone time." Popularity has always been a foreign concept to me. I never experienced it in school, and with the exception of a brief college period, I quit longing for it years ago. As a result, I love spending time with family and friends. However, it also does not scare me to entertain myself. 

Right after I got my license in high school, my solo recreation consisted mostly of taking long drives. I would spend an hour, sometimes several, just driving through nearby towns and countryside, with a Pretty Girls Make Graves album, or the American Graffiti soundtrack playing. I loved it. I explored the place I grew up in, and I also took time to reflect on my life, and where I wanted to go. Furthermore,  I found odd little places I felt no one else knew about. 

Now I would never take drives like that. Being more eco-conscious, I am too afraid of feeling guilty. I miss them.

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Artman2112 said...

back in my gearhead days sometimes i would take out my 66 dodge charger at like 1am or later and go for a drive all by myself. windows down, (didnt have a radio) going just a wee bit faster than the speed limit, loved the empty streets and quiet (except the rumble of my cars engine of course, lol) i do miss that car and the fun of driving. now its mostly just a thing to get from here to there. i do still enjoy driving at night sometimes tho

btw i knew you were gonna comment on my latest cat picture, i titled it with you in mind, lol!