Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dancing in the 1920s: The Waltz and The Baltimore

It has been awhile since I have shared 1920s dance videos. I love dancing, especially from this era. It seems so romantic. These prove no exception.

The Waltz:

The Baltimore:

What do you think? Any favorites from the two? I had a hard time picking between these dances, so I had to post both.



Shybiker said...

Thanks, buddy. Very enjoyable.

Yours is the only blog that brings me such interesting stuff.

BaronessVonVintage said...

I LOVE waltzing during my ballroom lessons. I've wanted to learn the baltimore for ages. Apparently, most of these dances are derivates of the main ballroom dances (I *think* the baltimore incorporates elements of foxtrot among others). LOVE these clips!

Sally said...

Love these!! I'm not usually a big fan of the waltz - dancing it, that is. I'm not terribly good at the wide, graceful steps. But this rendition is kind of sexy and intimate, not quite as stiff and formal as waltz nowadays. And I really like the Baltimore a lot! I really want to learn it now!

Thank you for sharing these!!

She is Sara said...

I love both! I have always wanted to learn old-fashioned dances like these, I am with you, so romantic and fun!