Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"I've been searching my soul tonight ..."

I do not watch a lot of TV, but one show I have fallen in love with over the past year is Ally McBeal. After I watched every episode of Sex and the City at least a dozen times, I decided I needed a new "girly show" to indulge in. Ally seemed like a natural choice. I remember my mom and my sister watched it when it aired in the '90s, but it seemed too "grown up" for me at the time. Now, I appreciate its quirky, hilarious, and often touching story lines.

Plus, I love the music Vonda Shepard contributes. "Searching My Soul" has become a real guiltless pleasure :-)

Oh, and this is hilarious:


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Shybiker said...

I loved that show when it was on and saw every episode. Which is saying a lot because I normally hate shows about lawyers. (The false glamorization of my dreary job irks me.) "Ally McBeal" was too surreal and quirky to annoy me and I loved the characters and writing. And, of course, Vonda's music.

I'm glad you stumbled upon this and am giving it a second look. We often appreciate things more when we're older.