Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is another fabulous question asked via Formspring:

What do you use to inspire an outfit? You come up with such great looks!

Everything and anything. Literally. I am visual person, and gain inspiration from sources such as: art books/museums, magazines, coffee table books, history books, blogs, people I see on the street, and even the imagery I create in my head while reading. I love fashion from all eras, including the present, so if I see a garment or look I think I could work, I give it a shot. 

However, for the sake of specificity, I gain probably the most inspiration from movies, particularly the older movies regular readers know I love. I think I become most inspired this way because when I watch a movie, I not only see an image of a garment, but also its movements and interactions with an environment. Not that an image cannot provide these. Movement just makes them richer. I most likely sound like the biggest nerd writing I love observing the movement of clothes, but it's true. I find few objects more charming than a skirt that gracefully rustles and sways. Also, I feel an emotional investment in garments inspired by movies because I often admire or care about the character who wears them. 

For instance, I found this hat in my parents' closet, and claimed it because it reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara's barbecue outfit in Gone With the Wind. I do not think Scarlett is a likeable character, but she possesses some endearing qualities. Not to mention, she wears "Civil War couture" throughout the movie. Despite the grim time period, I consider this wardrobe one of the most romantic I have ever seen. 

Furthermore, I think this hat also hearkens the Enchanted April ladies. Enchanted April follows four women in 1920s London who abandon their lives for a month-long vacation at an Italian castle. While there, they wear shift dresses and wide-brimmed straw hats galore. It is a lovely movie, but I still consider Scarlett my reason for adopting this hat. 

I only mention Enchanted April because looking timeless also remains an inspiration for me. I love the idea of looking fashionable for more than just a moment, or a trend's length. Even though I admire both vintage and contemporary fashion, my personal style is more about conveying myself than capturing a specific era or trend. Therefore, I try not to look too 1920s, or 1960s, or 2011, and I look for pieces that prove chic over time.

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Artman2112 said...

i think anyone who has seen the marriage scene in How green was My Valley or Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse's ballet in Singing in the Rain can understand what you mean about the fascination of clothing and how it moves! those are 2 instances that came off the top of my head i'm sure i could think of many more examples.

that look is positively adorable on you and more than a lil sexeh too ;) god bless the warm weather,lol.

Shybiker said...

I get inspired by movies, too. Characters are glamorous due to the careful efforts of dozens of people, so it's natural to admire those results. I recently saw "The Tourist" and, throughout, Angelina Jolie was amazingly dressed and had the best makeup I've ever seen on a human being.

emma wallace said...

I think of that beaded dress on Ginger Rogers in the final dance in "Follow the Fleet" - that definitely had amazing movement!

I love how you were able to use "Gone With the Wind" for inspiration in that outfit! You can see the inspiration but it doesn't look costume-y in the least!

S and O said...

I love the outfit, really cute pattern!
I think you're the only person I know who thinks Scarlett is likeable :D

jill said...

What a gorgeous outfit! I stumbled on your blog and I love your sense of style.

augustalolita said...

adorable outfit!! i love your dress and your hat <3