Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Being Audrey

Just Being Audrey is a beautiful picture book biography written by Margaret Cardillo and illustrated by Julia Denos. I have read it several times since yesterday, and it has yet to get old. It tells Audrey Hepburn's story with charming prose, and the most exquisite artwork. Seriously, I am addicted to the spreads in this book, and feel so happy I learned about Julia's work via Emma's blog yesterday.

When I observe the children's/young adult literature characters and pop stars I personally do not believe make positive role models, I love knowing this book exists. In a small space, the book promotes being oneself, and being kind to others. This means more than trying to gain popularity, or a boyfriend, or whatever young girls and women constantly struggle with. Even as an adult, I constantly remind myself of this, no matter how "painful" it seems to let go of those who pressure me, or do not appreciate who I am. It is a lovely message connected with one of the most fashionable icons ever.

Anyway, enough of my spew! I am so addicted to Julia's art, I sought out her blog and website. Also, the book's trailer contains more Audrey artwork! So. Utterly. Fabulous.


emma wallace said...

I love Julia Denos and the message of being happy with oneself is not easy, but once learned, makes your life amazing!

Thank you for the mention!

the nyanzi report said...

good stuff.