Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Date with Judy (1948)

A Date with Judy is a fun, late 40's MGM musical starring Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Powell, among others. The trials of Judy, played by Powell, and her friend, played by Taylor, first came alive through radio programming, according to Imdb. I also stumbled upon an original broadcast via You Tube. It's adorbs! I need more radio stories and girly drama in my life. I also need a boyfriend named Oogie who I call "cad" and who calls me "pearl." Then we can see the "new Tyrone Power picture" together, yadaydayada. 

The film version most likely did its predecessor justice. The music and surprise technicolor (I missed the whole "MGM musical" aspect when I stuck it in my NetFlix queue) aside, I found a small detail delightful:

Carmen Miranda's shoes.

Seriously. They're sick. Wonderbar. You can see them in the trailer below around the two minute mark. Strappy platforms galore! 


Shybiker said...

Thanks for educating me about this. I knew nothing about it. And I like your writing-style which seems peppier than usual.

emma wallace said...

I heard that radio show when doing research for my podcast! it is SOOO fun! I didn't realize it'd been made into a musical. I will definitely Neflix it.