Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hey dolls

Well, I thought I rented a studio apartment for one in Minneapolis, but I found three lovely ladies to room with at the last minute!

The end two are 1990s reproductions of vintage Barbies, (I thought they were SO much prettier than the modern ones) but the center one is actually an original "Midge." The first owner, my mom, handed her down to me almost twenty years ago! I may have been a little young at the time to have such a special gift, because I think I destroyed her original outfits. She's wearing one I designed and made at some point during my childhood. 

Isn't she lovely? And apparently, Mattel created an entire life story for her! Read about it, here. I think that is pretty funny. I used to just made up my own stories for her.

I am decorating my place with a few other vintage icons, so I decided to pack all three to see if I could fit them somewhere. I admit, I still get really excited about Barbie dolls. I credit my appreciation for fashion and clothes to the many hours I spent playing with them back in the day. Not to mention, I find this beyond flattering:

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Shybiker said...

What fabulous roommates! Stylish and yet they don't talk too much.

Dolls are one thing I really missed during childhood. I envied girls' ability to play with them. My parents squashed any movement by me in that direction. The closest I could get was pretending my Hot Wheels cars were people and secretly playing "house" with them.