Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marlon on a Wednesday

It is no secret I love Marlon Brando, and I am particularly shameless while blogging. However, once again, several months have passed without me watching a new film, or even his films I've loved for years. I miss Marlon, and want to bring him back, so I decided to try a new blog feature: Marlon on a Wednesday. It is just a post once a week, Marlon-related. I know many who read my posts also love him, so this should be fun!

So, for the first post, I decided to share this screen test I found on YouTube. In the early '50s, Marlon auditioned for the lead role in Rebel Without a Cause. Obviously, this did not get filmed, and James Dean made the more famous version later in the decade. However, since I am not a fan of Rebel, I always wondered what this earlier version may have been like.

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Shybiker said...

Francy and Marlon sittin' in a tree...