Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bow dresses and Summer reading

Well, well, well, here we are in cute Summer dress weather again. I bought this at a local boutique recently, and find it absolutely whimsical. 

Although, I am not thrilled with its condition after I hand-washed it as the tag dictated. The color bled, as it fairly warned, but I did not expect the top layer to shrink a little. Personally, I think the layered look as is looks cute, but I do not want it to continue. It annoys me to pay more than usual for a garment, and find the condition less than equal to the price, but that seems the norm with most clothes.

Still, I am happy with it, for now.  How can I resist such a print?

Also, I found some Summer reading. Bandbox by Thomas Mallon recounts publishing in 1920s, Manhattan. I consider it a winner, but have not started reading it yet. We'll see! Not to mention, Kori from Blonde Episodes just released her novel, Murder on the Boulevard on Amazon! I am excited. It sounds like film noir!

What are you reading this Summer?



Shybiker said...

You look FABULOUS! Wow!

I love the shape of the dress and the print is adorable. You picked perfect shoes and I'm lovin' your hair. A total success!

She is Sara said...

Omg I have not been to your blog in so long! I adore your haircut and that dress, I am so sad that I have missed so much :(

Sally said...

I love that dress!! You look so cute and summery!!! This probably happened a good while ago and I probably missed it but I really like your haircut (sorry if this is belated).

Summer reading? I have an oddly thematic pile of library books: The Wide-Awake Princess, The Ordinary Princess, The Extra-Ordinary Princess, The Thirteenth Princess... hm. I also have a Fred Astaire biography coming soon (it has the word 'panache' in the title so I'm very excited).