Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Love is all around"

My upcoming move to the Twin Cities has resurged my interested in several related aspects: attending the University of Minnesota at some point, F. Scott Fitzgerald research, and most notably, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I remember watching a couple episodes, but not many, in middle school when Nick at Nite played better shows. It clearly seemed like a "grown-up's show" to me, and I preferred I Love Lucy and Happy Days. So, I never got into it, and I soon knew Mary Tyler Moore more for her role in Ordinary People than her iconic sitcom.

Anyway, I have been catching up, and I love it! Of course, what's not to love about a single woman moving to the Twin Cities who exhibits equal amounts of style and wit? I must admit, though, I almost love the style most of all. In the past year, I have become very interested in '70s fashion, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show seems to capture its best trends. The little coats, long skirts, fake eyelashes, and bell-bottoms seem perfect. Mary's outfits in the first season credits capture my tastes right now:

Also, an interesting "me-note": My mom actually worked at that Minneapolis Donaldson's Department store shown right before Mary tosses her hat in the air. She worked there during the show's running, too. Both my parents (my dad worked in a bank a couple blocks away) remember it clearly, even though that downtown areas has changed. However, I wonder if my mom worked the day the scene was filmed ...



Sally said...

You know, I've never watched the Mary Tyler Moore show but I've heard good things. I should definitely look into it!

P.S. Good luck on your move! That's so exciting!

Shybiker said...

I have seen every episode of that show, most more than once. Mary's clothes were always noteworthy and the comedy/drama was first-rate. The show was hugely influential when it first ran and many women were inspired by Mary's example. Hearing of your move made a mental connection in my head.

Artman2112 said...

tho i enjoyed the MTM show somewhat for me she will always be Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show *sigh*

good luck with your move Francy :D

emma wallace said...

Never seen the show either! I was a Jeannie fan... But I really want to see it - she's so adorable!