Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where did the glamour go?

As I once wrote on my previous blog, I live in a city where, in my opinion, most people prove either clueless or apathetic when it comes to style. The first point revolves around the popular notion that style equals acquiring as much Juicy Couture and designer handbags as possible. Not that owning either one of these items should cause shame, but they alone do not make create personal style. The latter relates to what I see daily: people wearing unflattering jeans and t-shirts, or, even worse, PJ's and slippers.

I saw the last one at the theater last night. That's right. I saw someone in pajama pants and slippers at what I considered a fancy production of Fiddler on the Roof at the most high-end theater in town. I felt bad enough watching the many jean-clad viewers stroll through the lobby. But ... I don't know. Seriously? Pajamas at the theater seem lazy and frankly, disrespectful to me. I do not expect ball gowns. However, it seems wrong to wear such casual attire. Not to mention, this person, and the other underdressed attendees, missed out on one of the best parts. How often do people get to dress up and look nice? I guess others do not experience the enjoyment I do.

I think about what I have learned about history, and how people used to dress up to go to the theater, or even the movies, because they considered them special. It breaks my heart these things do not seem valued anymore.

What do you think? Do you dress up when you go to the theater or movies? Or do you opt for casual (and perhaps overly-casual) choices, no matter what? Is all the glamour gone?

Finally, for your enjoyment, I found on You Tube from Fiddler on the Roof. I always loved the music and movie, so finally seeing it on stage felt quite special!


Sally said...

I agree!! When I was involved in drama in high school, our whole club would go to the theater and my teacher insisted that we dress up for the event - jeans were simply not allowed. Even if the rule hadn't been ingrained in me, I'd still dress up for the theater. I go on modcloth or other such sites and look wistfully at the lovely dresses and, ultimately, decide not to buy them because where am I going to wear them? We don't do cocktail parties anymore or dress up to walk around the block. We still have the opportunity when we go to the theater or to fancy restaurants. I can't believe people pass up on the glorious opportunity. I have so many dresses collecting dust because I have no place to wear them!

(Sorry! As you can see, I feel pretty passionate about this!)

By the way, I cannot BELIEVE someone wore pajamas to the theater!! That's completely deplorable!!

Wendy said...

I find it sad that people just don't care and agree that it's disrespectful to boot.

I am totally enjoying your blog = this is my first visit, but I'll be back :-)

Shybiker said...

I agree completely. But I fear we're at risk of being labelled old fogies since so many young people accept poor dress these days.

Of course you should dress up for a night at the theater. In the past, people also dressed up for occasions like flying. Looking like a slob is never right.