Sunday, February 13, 2011

Restoration (1996) : Film Costume Indulgence to the X-treme

I was lucky to catch the film Restoration on television this afternoon. In it, Robert Downey,  Jr plays Merival, a 17th-century English physician the royal court adopts for the purpose of marrying him to the king's mistress. He changes tremendously throughout the film, and his development held my interest.  I actually quite like the story, and the costumes are to die for. Another 17th-century period piece I love, The Man in the Iron Mask, with Leonardo DiCaprio, showcases similar designs. The lush, red and gold colors, billowing robes, high collars, wigs, and ornate gowns transport me to a fashion fantasy world. Not to mention, the characters wear puffed sleeves and still look chic. There is much about past ages I would not want to experience, but at least it seems like some people had many amazing dress-up opportunities.

And, ok. RDJ looks sexy in that wig!

Anyway,  Restoration is a fun movie to watch on a lazy afternoon. As a final note, its old movie poster hangs at The Flicks, my favorite Boise theater. I always wanted to see it for that.


Shybiker said...

I liked it, too. Thanks for the review. Happy Valentine's Day!

emma wallace said...

Ooh! Never seen it, but, as all of us do, love RDJ! I'll have to wiki the plot to make sure it has a happy ending...