Monday, February 21, 2011

Pride and Prejudice makes my colds feel warmer and fuzzier

I think I experienced a relapse of the bug I mentioned last post. Saturday, and especially Sunday, and I did not feel well at all. Although I am better today, I wish I could acquire another reason to spend hours drinking lavender tea, eating chocolates, and watching the beyond lovely mini-series Pride and Prejudice. I cannot believe I had not seen this version before yesterday, because it eased into my heart like few things can.

Well, almost.

I think I am just attracted to Pride and Prejudice. I love the story. When the most recent version with Keira Knightley came out a few years ago, I saw it at least six times in theaters, and read the book. I still do not favor much literature from Jane Austen's era, but Pride and Prejudice helped me become more open-minded. I adore the witty dialogue, Lizzy Bennet's free spirit, and Darcy's complexities. I find Darcy one of the most intriguing characters I have read or watched on film. He represents the fine line of being what one assumes, yet also the opposite, in many ways. I commented recently how I feel he possesses perfect boyfriend material, and afterward, I forced myself to consider why I stated so. I am more reserved than Lizzy, but I understand her attraction/repulsion to Darcy. Some people secretly love challenging people, no matter how much they frustrate us at times.

And frustration abounds, considering the miniseries remains more Darcy-centered than the more recent version. Since Colin Firth portrays the leading man, I feel grateful for that. I think Firth is one of the most versatile film actors today, not to mention attractive. I could not help but giggle as his performance played with my heart. The brooding, the sharp criticisms juxtaposed with longing gazes ... I mean COME ON! He plays a perfect leading man for me to pine for. Sometimes I had to pause the DVD just to stare and smile. It was all too ideal.

Opposite Firth, Jennifer Ehle (who shortly re-united with Firth for The King's Speech. She plays Lionel Logue's wife) portrays Lizzy Bennet. Not only is Ehle ridiculously beautiful, but she portrays Lizzy as a calm force of nature. I admire her assertiveness, wit, and intelligence. Still, she seems confused about people and love, which I also relate to. I kept thinking I wanted to hang out with her while watching, which does not often happen with me and fictional characters. Together, Lizzy and Darcy epitomize restrained passion, and I love every moment of it.

As for the costumes and scenery, I will not try to summarize here. They deserve their own post. Coupled with Darcy, the series does not present the past so much as a fantasyland where secretly sensitive Prince Charmings pine for reluctant crushes, and all else remains beautiful.

I realize this miniseries is popular, so if I only repeated other viewers, bear with this newbie! I am glad I finally had the time to see it.


If only there were no such things as society and judgement ...

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emma wallace said...

Ah, this is a classic! I just can't see anyone else as Lizzie or Mr. Darcy than these two. It is the perfect cure for a cold too! And I hope you feel 100% better soon.