Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Office

Yikes. I meant to post more over Thanksgiving Break, but I got so absorbed in some big school projects, I just did not have time. Also, I started watching The Office last week, and that has taken up a lot of my movie-watching time. I am SO hooked on this show! Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson are hilarious, and I think it's just a funny good time over all. In many ways, it's what I expected, but some aspects are also different. Anyway, I could care less about the rest of my NetFlix queue right now. I have made it through almost three seasons! Do you watch The Office? What do you think?

The Office- funny clips

I can't figure out how to embed videos in this new blog template without it looking obnoxious. I think I might try changing back to the one I had on my other blog ...

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Lexie said...

Its so easy to get hooked on that show. I love the subtle humor is, plus John Krasinski is adorable