Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I recently watched Frances (1982), a biopic starring Jessica Lange as '30s actress Frances Farmer. Though the name seemed familiar to me, I did not know anything about Frances, nor had I seen her films. Her fall, as depicted in the film, impacted me. It seemed like she had a lot to say.

However, I am excited to receive her film, Come and Get It from NetFlix this weekend. Her work proves hard to find, but I am hoping she can become a new favorite actress. I think she's beautiful.

Oh, and Jessica Lange gave an incredible performance. She received an Oscar nomination for that year, along with a supporting nom for Tootsie. She won the latter.


Artman2112 said...

i have yet to see that film but i agree Frances Farmer was beautiful! she was a good actress as well. i've only seen 3 of her films, Come and Get it (you will be impressed with her i think), Toast of New York and Flowing Gold. the last one i recently revisited and enjoyed tho it certainly was a tried and true WB formula story, the cast is what sells it. its a shame she had such intense personal problems...she had so much potential. :(

Shybiker said...

I was just thinking of you! So nice to see a new post.

Great recommendations: I need to check these out.