Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The Show Off" (1926) and "The Plastic Age" (1925)

It is hard for me to dislike flapper movies. Even when I do not care for the plots, or pay attention because I just came off a great work week, I always check off five-star NetFlix reviews. This became the case with "The Show Off" with Lois Wilson and Louise Brooks, and "The Plastic Age" with Clara Bow, Gilbert Roland, and, get this, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable in small roles.

In "The Show Off," Louise Brooks supposedly plays a supporting role, but that remains difficult to determine. Her look is iconic, and she exudes such presence, I found myself wishing her onscreen when she was not. The story of a deceitful in-law kept me engaged enough, but Louise proved competitive. And she won.

Not that Lois Wilson did not flapper it up :-)

"The Plastic Age," on the other hand, presents a fun college story about a freshman who unsuccessfully tries to balance his academic life, his football career, and his relationship with the popular girl, played by Clara. They break up, and drama, drama, drama. I like Clara in anything. End of story!

I mean, cute, right?


emma wallace said...

A-dorable! She has so much charisma!

Artman2112 said...

good choices Francy! i agree with you, when Louise is on screen you cant take your eyes off her and when when she's off screen you're wishing she would come back! Ditto for Clara in Plastic Age. my biggest fault with that film is her leading man, Donald Keith, who's in like a half dozen films with her, is so blaaaaand! but its a fun little slice of youth in the 20's and she is just too damn adorable to NOT enjoy the picture no matter what!
btw i started reading that Paul Muni bio the other night, already up into the mid 1920's, i really like it so far, he's a fascinating guy!
if i see another copy on ebay i'll let ya know, i think you'd really enjoy this book!
today i watched "The World Changes" with Muni, never saw it before. as he often did he played a man from his youth into old age and with style and gusto. what a fantastic actor!